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" dazzling dexterity "

Natalie Wheen, Classic FM

" What a show! Don’t miss them… musically and technically world class "

Jay Friedman, Principal Trombone, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

" Bones Apart has done it again! The playing on this CD is first class. I really enjoyed the blend, balance, and terrific musicianship. Very inspiring. I highly recommend this CD to all. Bravissima! "

Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic Orchestra

" ..they transcend the stereotype of their instrument "

Jens Lindemann, International Trumpet Soloist

“ This was a wonderful concert, full of variety and excitement. Extraordinary tone colour and control from four outstanding performers in their field. Thank you “

Charles, audience member


" Bones Apart is, without question, one of the finest trombone quartets in the world "

Michael Davidson, University of Texas, Austin


" From the first note to the last, the audience were rapt "

" A range of sonorities and dynamics lesser players could not imagine for these instruments "

Bradfield Festival of Music

“ It was one of the best recitals I’ve had the pleasure of promoting “

Nick Parrans-Smith, Director of Music, Trent College

“ It was a wonderful performance. I never knew that trombones could sound like that! “

Louise, audience member


" Thoroughly enjoyed your programme... classy from the first note to the last... Bravo! "

Alex, audience member

“ The masterclasses with the group gave the students an insight into the strategies Bones Apart use during their rehearsal process, developing their skills working in an ensemble. The evening concert allowed our ensembles to rub shoulders with a professional group at the top of their game.”

Ben Wingfield, Director of Music, The Perse School, Cambridge


" Bones Apart represents all that is best about British brass playing, with a beauty of sound and musicality that is simply stunning. They communicate with passion and humour and serve as wonderful ambassadors for the trombone "

Kevin Price, Head of Music Performance, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama


“ What an absolute treat! “ 

Skipton Music 


“ Your gorgeous blend, and chorale-like sound in the second movement was simply gorgeous, and your singing and expressive interpretation of all the melodies made the music so powerful! … In the virtuoso solo passages, your playing was dazzling! … 

It means SO much to a composer to have their music played and recorded with such care, such fantastic attention to detail, and such beauty!!! “

Eric Ewazen, Composer 


" You are fantastic ambassadors for the trombone, great role models. You display stunning versatility, dexterity, originality and musicianship.

Your visit has made a big impact, thank you very much "

Anne Higgs, Peripatetic Brass Teacher, Somerset

“ A well-conceived programme blended an array of musical styles, all inspired by the works of Shakespeare, ranging from the Baroque to Bernstein… The players were on magnificent form, demonstrating virtuosic skills combined with instinctive ensemble playing that had the four players working as one. A magnificent way to begin the new season! “

Daniel Harding, Head of Music Performance, Kent University


" The music was brought to the stage by a chamber group at the peak of its powers in a performance of elegance, subtlety and considerable variety in tonal colour. "

Mark Good, Bandsman magazine


“ It was absolutely fabulous. I particularly enjoyed the premiere of the new composition, but the entire programme was very well planned with a wonderful selection of pieces. “ 

Vicky, audience member

" A magnificent display of playing "

Richard Debonnaire, Bromley Trombone Workshop

The trombone players were simply magnificent. The range of tones from soft and gentle to triumphant and thrilling was marvellous, and the variety of pieces, so well chosen! "

Audience member

" Bones Apart just get better and better. Individually they are all players at the top of their profession, their skill, dexterity and musicianship is quite stunning.

Combined they are spectacular ambassadors for the trombone! "

Toby D'Jong

" Bones Apart demonstrated not only wondrously clean, clear and full trombone playing (how do they produce such a well-blended sound all the time?!), but also showed a special blend of humility and charisma in their interactions with the audience "

Micah Everett, International Trombone Association Journal


" ... not only one of the best trombone concerts I have ever heard, not only one of the best brass concerts I have ever heard - it was one of the best concerts I have ever heard "

Jim Prindle, freelance Bass Trombonist, San Diego, California

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